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Practicing Social Distancing After a Car Crash

Although fewer people are on the road in these strange times, car accidents have not let up. If you find yourself in an accident during the Coronavirus pandemic, you need to be prepared. Here’s how you can practice social distancing after a car crash.

Emergency Services

If you or the other driver are hurt or if you see blood, call 911 immediately. Maintain a safe distance unless someone is in immediate danger. If either of you become infected, it will mean two more people in the hospital.

Let professional EMTs do their jobs. They'll have the proper protective equipment needed to mitigate risk and get the injured the care they need.

Exchanging Information

Like any other car accident, you'll need to exchange information. There's just one problem. You probably don't want to touch the other driver's cards and you definitely don't want to get close enough to make a physical exchange.

Instead, you should ask for the other driver's phone number at a safe distance. You can take pictures of your driver's license, insurance card, and damages to the vehicles. The best part is that once you have the other driver sends you a text, you can effectively verify their identity.


It's devastating to get into a car crash, exchange information, and find out that the driver used a fake ID or misread you their contact information. Having their phone number gives you some line of verified communication that will make it possible for your insurance company or even law enforcement to get in contact with them after the accident.

However, you can prevent this altogether by requesting a police officer on the scene. Having a police report not only verifies that the crash happened but it also officially records the other driver's information and ensures its accuracy. In observance of social distancing, you should ask police on the scene to use fresh gloves when handling your cards.

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