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How Bad Is Distracted Driving?

Most people know that distracted driving is a huge problem in America. We have ad campaigns, slogans, special “text stops,” and even new laws against distracted driving. But why are we so adamant to raise awareness about this subject? How bad is distracted driving?

The Numbers

Every day, 1,200 Americans are injured and 8 are killed in distracted driving accidents. That’s a total of almost 5,000 lives lost from over 400,000 distracted-driving-related crashes per year. By comparison, drunk driving accounts for 25% of all US car crashes (1.5 million per year) and claims 10,500 American lives each year.

Higher Fatality Rates

Why does distracted driving claim half as many lives as drunk driving when there are 5x more DUI crashes than distracted driving incidents? It has to do with the nature of distracted driving.

Distracted drivers are more prone to speeding since they’re typically not looking at their speedometers. Similarly, a distracted driver caught in a visual or cognitive distraction probably won’t hit the brakes before a crash. The faster a car is going at the moment of the crash, the more damage is done, which means more severe injuries and a higher fatality rate.

A False Sense of Security

The real danger in distracted driving is that we don’t realize there’s anything wrong until the moment it’s too late. When you see a drunk driver swerving across the road, you recognize that as an immediate hazard to be avoided.

Distracted driving can happen at any time. Drivers convince themselves that they can look down “just for a moment.” But at high speed, it takes less than a second for a case of careless driving to turn into a crash. Worst of all, that false sense of security doesn’t just endanger the distracted driver, but everyone around them.

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