Unemployment Compensation

Getting unemployment compensation in the Lehigh Valley — Easton, Allentown and Bethlehem

Many people believe that unemployment benefits are only available to those who have been laid off. However, Unemployment Compensation (UC) may be available to you in Pennsylvania even if you were fired or you quit. To begin the process, file for PA UC on the Pennsylvania Department of Labor website. We routinely assist clients with the application process.

State law provides for an appeals process when your unemployment claim has been denied. You only have 15 days from the mailing date of your denial letter to file your appeal, so act quickly. Our attorneys can determine if you have a right to Unemployment Compensation and swiftly pursue an appeal of your valid claim.

Unemployment Compensation when you have been fired

The Pennsylvania Office of Unemployment Compensation will deny your claim for benefits if your employer reports that you were terminated for willful misconduct. Our lawyers can challenge your employer’s characterization of your firing:

  • Absenteeism and tardiness — You may not have been adequately warned about this issue, or you may have had good cause for missing work.
  • Rule violation — You must be made aware of the rule, and it must be reasonable.
  • Attitude toward employer or disruptive influence — Your employer is required to show specific conduct on your part.
  • Damage to equipment or property — The damage must be caused by your willful carelessness or negligence.
  • Unsatisfactory work performance — There must be documentation of your employer’s warnings regarding your work performance.
  • Drug and alcohol testing — Drug testing may be prohibited by your labor agreement or results may be inaccurate or inadmissible in court.

Let our Unemployment Compensation attorney examine the grounds for your termination and firing. You may be entitled to benefits even if you were fired.

Unemployment Compensation benefits when you quit your job

You may be able to collect unemployment benefits if you quit your job for a compelling reason, such as:

  • Health reasons
  • Transportation problems
  • Joining spouse in relocation
  • Personal reasons
  • Attending school
  • Work was unsuitable
  • Job was not the same as presented

The law is very specific in regard to these potentially compelling reasons for quitting. Our lawyer can tell you if you have grounds for an appeal of your claim denial.

Get Unemployment Compensation with help from our Lehigh Valley lawyer

Do not assume that your Unemployment Compensation denial is final. Our attorney can help show that you are entitled to benefits. Contact Meshkov & Breslin online to inquire about our services or call (610) 438-6300 to schedule your free consultation.